When it comes to profitable loan growth and high margin deposits, we believe you shouldn't pay for marketing. You should only pay for results.

As former bankers and bank marketers, we think your marketing budget should be just as financially accountable as any other investment you make to grow your bottom line. So, we created ProfitGenerator®, an easy-to-use web portal that combines insightful customer analysis, proven bank marketing strategy, professional mail programs, and detailed reports. All designed to drive predictable, profitable customer growth, including new profitable loan accounts and bank core deposit growth.

Most importantly—we don’t ask you to pay anything for our direct mail programs, not even postage. We are so confident in the power of ProfitGenerator® to deliver new high quality loan accounts and bank core deposit accounts for your bank, we’ll actually wait until they’re on your books before you pay for them. That’s right….you only pay after you get results.

ProfitGenerator® is backed by a 20+ year heritage of successful bank marketing strategies and programs, including over 80 comprehensive customer analyses for the nation’s leading banks, thousands of mail campaigns produced and carefully tracked, and a combined 100 years of banking and bank marketing experience.

If you need to drive new bank core deposit and profitable loan account growth now along with financial accountability, and pay-for-results makes sense to you, click on any of the videos above to learn more.

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